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Loire Valley

Château de la Bonnelière, Chinon

Château de la Bonnelière, Chinon
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The Winery

Château de la Bonnelière is located in a small hamlet near the medieval fortress town of Chinon, and has been in the Plouzeau family since 1846.  The giant cedar tree in the grounds outdates the family however, having being planted for the coronation of Louis XVI in 1774!

Today, Château de la Bonnelière has 19 hectares of vines, all of which are organically certified by Ecocert.  The vines are located in the vineyard next to the Château, and in various other plots around Chinon.  The initial fermentation and ageing of the white wines is conducted in the adjacent winery buildings, whilst the ageing of the red wines takes place in the stunning underground cellar, located in the centre of Chinon underneath the Chinon castle itself.  The cellar was conceived in the 13th century at the same time as the Château, the stone from which was used in the construction of the castle.  You can still see the shaft that was used to extract the stone blocks!

The cabernet franc and sauvignon blanc vines at Château de la Bonnelière are used to make two of the Loire valley’s most well known wines, AOC Chinon and AOC Tourraine.

A multitude of awards and reviews have been bestowed on the wines from Château de la Bonnelière over the years, including more recently, two references in the Bettane & Desseauve 2015 wine guide. The wine chosen by Gourmet Oydssey, the Clos de la Bonneliere 2012 was rated 14.5/20, and the winery's Chapelle 2011 red wine was chosen as a top pick for a wine to lay down. The winery also saw its new wine "L'Intégrale" receive a rating of 15.5-16.5 points by the tasting panel of La Revue du Vin de France: "A new soft and sensual wine made from superbly delicate cabernet franc grapes." 

Adopt a vine at Château de la Bonnelière and get involved in making your own wine with the Gourmet Odyssey Wine Experience


The Loire Valley, is one of the most visited regions of France, a UNESCO World Heritage site famous for its chateaux, gastronomy and wines.  The wine growing regions of the Loire valley stretch from Pouilly Fumé and Sancerre in the east, through appellations such as Cheverny, Vouvray, Chinon and Bourgueil in the centre, to the Anjou, Saumur and Muscadet wines in the west.

The difference in grape varieties and terroir throughout the Loire Valley make for a very varied wine region that produces a wide range of red, white, rosé, and sparkling wines.

 Original Wine Gift for a Wine Enthusiast. Meet Marc Plouzeau, the winemaker at Château de la Bonnelière, Chinon, the Loire Valley.

The Winemakers Welcome You...

Marc Plouzeau took over the running of Château de la Bonnelière in 1998.  Much to the bewilderment of his neighbouring winemakers, he launched straight into the long and arduous task of converting the entirety of the vineyards to being certified organic.  But for Marc, there was no other conceivable way of making wine that truly expresses the nature of the surrounding terroir.

From our first meeting with Marc, his passion and enthusiasm for talking about his wines and work were infectious.   A genuine winemaker who will welcome you with open arms.

Oragnic Wine Gift. Personalised wine bottles of Château de la Bonnelière, AOC Chinon 

Clos de la Bonnelière 

The wine chosen for the Gourmet Odyssey Wine Experience is the Clos de la Bonnelière AOC Chinon organic red wine, made 100% from the vibrant Cabernet Franc grape varietal.  

As with the rest of the vineyard, the vines used to make the Clos de la Bonnelière are organically certified by Ecocert. 
The Clos de la Bonnelière AOC Chinon is a generous wine with strong tannins.  It has a deep ruby colour with violet reflections. The principal aromas, typically found, are raspberry and blackberry together with more spicy notes of mint and pepper. 
The wine is fermented naturally without adding yeast and other enzymes, and is matured in oak barrels in the cellar underneath the Château de Chinon.

> Wine - Red, Chinon
> Grape Varieties – Cabernet Franc
> Vineyard size – 3ha
> Soil – Clay Limestone
> Style – An elegant and rich wine. Red fruits and peppery mint tones
> Keeps – 3-7 years
> Ideal with – Roast Beef, Coq au vin...

Availability of the wine
The wine is bottled 14-18 months after the harvest.

Comment y aller


Château de la Bonnelière, route des Basses Vignes, Launay, 37500 La Roche Clermault
GPS : LAT N 47° 11’ 44164’’, LONG W  0°23'39596’’
Plan : Cliquez ici pour le plan   

En avion

L’aéroport le plus proche est celui de Tours, à une heure de route du domaine.

En voiture
Les distances et temps listés ci-dessous sont les estimations établies à partir de GoogleMaps depuis le centre ville au Château de la Bonnelière, route de Marçay, rue des Basses Vignes, Launay, 37500 La Roche Clermault. 






Rennes 292  182 3h 04
Paris 305  189  3h 12
Bordeaux 325  202  3h 23
Calais 563 350 5h 27
Toulouse 564  351  5h 27
Lyon 562  349  5h 32
Bruxelles 610  379  6h 02
Genève 629 391  6h 41
Marseille 833 517  7h 48
Barcelone 956  594  8h 53
Milan 988  614  9h 49

Pour trouver des informations à partir d’autres lieux, veuillez cliquer ici


Prix NomCoordonnéesProximité du vignoble
56-80€ La Milaudière

5 rue St Martin, 37500 Ligré

+33 (0)2 47 98 37 53 

4km / 3m
60-80€ Hôtel le Plantagenêt

12 Place Jeanne d'Arc, 37500 Chinon

+33 (0)2 47 93 36 92

7km / 5m
70-90€ Hôtel Diderot

4 rue du Buffon, 37500 Chinon

+33 (0)2 47 93 18 87 

8km / 5m
59-85€ Le Noissillet

9 Chemin du Noisillet, 37500 Cinais

+33 (0)2 47 95 97 28 

11km / 10m
85-105€ Hôtel Imago

1 Impasse du Haut Clos, 37500 La Roche-Clermault

+33 (0)2 47 93 68 35

8km / 5m
75-180€ Hôtel de France

47 Place du Général de Gaulle, 37500 Chinon

+33 (0)2 47 93 33 91 

7km / 5m
110€ Le Clos de Ligré

22 Rue du Rouilly, 37500 Ligré

+33 (0)2 47 93 95 59 

3km / 2m
100-120€ Le prince Grenouille

Manoir de Beauvais, 37500 Ligré

+33 (0)2 47 93 49 97 

6km / 3m
100-290€ Château de Marçay

Marçay, 37500 Chinon

+33 (0)2 47 93 03 47 

3km / 2m

Sites touristiques aux alentours

- Le Château de Chinon – Découvrez le château royal du 12ème siècle récemment rénové surplombant la ville.
- Les châteaux de la Loire – Visitez les nombreux châteaux mondialement connus du Val de Loire facilement accessibles depuis le domaine, comme le Château d’Ussé, le Château de Villandry, le Château de Saumur et le Château d’Azay le Rideau. La vallée de la Loire est classée au patrimoine mondial de l’UNESCO notamment en raison de ses nombreux châteaux qui servaient autrefois de résidences d’été ou de pavillons de chasse pour le cercle royal français.
- La Route des Vins – Découvrez les vignobles et les caves souterraines de la vallée de la Loire, les sites de production vinicoles les plus proches de Chinon étant Bourgueil, Saumur-Champigny, Touraine, Azay le Rideau et Vouvray.

Liens utiles

Office de Tourisme du Val de Loire:
Office de Tourisme de Chinon :

Agrandir le plan
 Revue du Vin de France

Château de la Bonnelière distinguished by the Revue du Vin de France !

During the course of 2011 the wine tasting committee of the renowned French wine magazine, La Revue du Vin de France,  has tasted thousands of wines.  In the latest issue they have selected the 450 best bottles of the year, and we congratulate our partner, Château de la Bonnelière, for being included not just once, but twice!

The 2009 vintage of the Château de la Bonnelière Chinon received a rating of 15.5/20 and the following comments; “A perfectly mastered harvest which releases a fine juice, long on the finish, fresh, dynamic and mature.  A good and regular organic winery.”   A nice review for the wine chosen for the Gourmet Odyssey Wine Experience clients at Château de la Bonnelière!

The second distinction was awarded to Château de la Bonnelière’s “La Chapelle” 2009.  Rated 16/20, the review goes on to say, “we love the finesse of the fruit and the softness of the tannins. A great Chinon to savour.”

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