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A unique gastronomic heritage


Original Wine Gift in Alsace.

Discover the regional products from the terroir of Alsace

Amongst the wooded hills and the picturesque villages lies the Alsace terroir, one of the richest of all France with a wide range of local specialties.  Whether a starred restaurant, a beer hall or a wine bar, the Alsaciens like to share the good things in life!

Alsace boasts lovely scenery for all nature lovers.  A green and sunny region, there are magnificent panoramic views of the surrounding valleys, plain and mountains.

It's the homeland to a varied and traditional style of gastronomy, each dish and wine making its distinct mark on Alsace culture. Come and taste some emblematic Alsace dishes such as Choucroute, Bäckeoffe, or Flammekueche, during your wine gift boxes experience. And don't miss out tasting the aromatic Alsace wines and eau de vie when visiting one of the many wineries and wine merchants in the area.

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Wine Experience in Alsace

Wine Experience in Alsace

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