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Loire Valley

A rich culinary history

Loire Valley

Cadeau pour des gastonomes dans le Val de Loire

Gastronomy in the Loire Valley, a way of life

The Loire Valley is appreciated the world over for its grandiose panoramic views of châteaux, forests and rivers, and has inspired many artists.  In the Middle Ages the Loire Valley was the political centre of the kingdom of France, giving rise to the many castles and manor houses that make up the Châteaux de la Loire.

Since time began, people have settled along the banks of the Loire and have progressively established and developed the region's long tradition of agricultural.

The Loire Valley gastronomy is mouth watering with rillettes, Chavignol goat's cheese, perch with white butter sauce and of course the many fine wines, to name just some of the local specialties.  Fresh fruit and vegetable growers are abundant in the area, and so it's not surprising that the region is also home of the famous Tarte-Tatin.

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Wine Experience in the Loire Valley

Wine Experience in the Loire Valley

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