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Rhone Valley

A rich history and varied gastronomy

Rhone Valley

Food and wine gift experiences in the Rhone Valley, France

Discover a dynamic gastronomy

The Rhone Valley has always been an important transport route, and since the time of the Romans, it has developed as a major agricultural producing area.  It's warm and sunny climate is perfect for cultivating a wide range of fruit and vegetables.

The Rhone Valley stretches for more than 200km from Lyon to the Mediterranean sea, and the wide variety of gastronomic produce for which the region is famous includes, wine, truffles, cheese, olive oil, walnuts, chestnuts and lavender.  All of these products are an integral part of the Rhone Valley's culture.

But it's not just food and wine that make the Rhone Valley a great place to visit.  It's also a stunning region visually, with its varied landscapes.  From the coteaux de Vienne to the Gorges d'Ardèche, the mountainous Haut-Beaujolais to the Velay volcanoes, the scenary is amongst France's most beautiful.

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Wine Experience in the Rhone Valley

Wine Experience in the Rhone Valley

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