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Adopt-a-Vine. An original gift idea for wine lovers.

Adopt-a-Vine. An original gift idea for wine lovers.

News from 27/01/2014

When you're looking for an original gift for a birthday or another special occasion such as Christmas, a wedding or a retirement, it's not always an easy task.

To help find the ideal gift, the journalists and bloggers have tried to uncover the most unusual gifts. Over the past couple of months, the Gourmet Odyssey Wine Experience has been selected numerous times for articles and programmes that have appeared in the likes of 20 Minutes, Men's Up, Sud Radio and one of France's leading wine magazines, La Revue du Vin de France. We thank each of them for the confidence they have shown in our company and the quality of our Wine Experience.

Whilst searching for that perfect gift, it's often the originality and authenticity of the idea that pleases. Through the Wine Experience, you can learn more about wine, find out about the fascinating profession of a winemaker, meet the passionate men and women who run the wineries, explore one of France's beautiful wine growing regions, and learn by rolling your sleeves up and getting involved in making your own wine.

And it's not just the press who's talking about us - our clients are too. Anne-Marie, an apprentice winemaker in Chinon, recently shared with us, "My adventure at Château de la Bonnelière and the discovery of their wines for my 60th birthday was rich and superb. I can't wait until for the delivery of my special "sixties" vintage to share with my sons who gave me this very original gift. We spent a couple of very warm and friendly days in your company."

So if you're looking for a surprising gift for a wine lover, then adopt-a-vine in one of our organic wineries in France, and be sure to thrill your lucky recipient!

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