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CORONAVIRUS - Gourmet Odyssey makes a few changes

CORONAVIRUS - Gourmet Odyssey makes a few changes

News from 23/03/2020

In response to the exceptional circumstance that we are currently living through, we have taken the following measures to adapt to the present situation, our priority being to protect as best we can the health and security of our clients, staff, winemakers, and delivery personnel.

The Welcome Pack is replaced by an email

To best respect the confinement guidelines and directives currently in place in France and elsewhere, and to free up delivery resources for the transportation of more critical medical and food supplies, we have temporarily stopped the sending of the welcome packs.

For all new Wine Experience orders received, the vine adoption certificate and brochure containing the Recipient Customer Portal activation code will be sent by email, and in exchange we are offering a €20 reduction.

If you would still like the Welcome Pack to be delivered once possible, please order without using the discount code, and for deliveries outside France, please contact us to pay the correct delivery rate.

The Wine Experience Days are cancelled until the 19th April

We have cancelled all Wine Experience Days scheduled up until and including the 19th April 2020, and will review the situation closer to the time for the subsequent dates.  If you have a day that is cancelled, you can carry your day over to one of the proposed dates later in the season in your Recipient Customer Portal.  If you are unavailable for any of the proposed dates, or if there are no places remaining for your chosen date, please contact us to carry your day over to next year, or to exchange it for another type of day.

Wine deliveries are suspended

We have suspended all wine deliveries until further notice.  For those clients that are at the end of their Wine Experience, for which the delivery option is activated, and have not yet collected or had their wine delivered, you can still set up a delivery now in your Recipient Customer Portal, and we’ll send the wine as soon as possible.  We cannot give an exact date at this moment in time, but will let you know when we can.

Alternatively, you can wait until the situation returns to normal to either collect your wine from the winery or put in place a delivery.


We hope that all will return to normal as quickly as possible.  In the meantime, take good care of yourself and those around you.

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