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Wine Experience Day at Domaine Chapelle

Last Saturday we were at Domaine Chapelle in Burgundy for a Discovery Experience Day with the clients of the Gourmet Odyssey Wine Experience.


Wine Experience Day at Domaine Chapelle, Burgundy

After a very rainy week, we were dreading the worst, but fortunately Yannick, the Vine Manager, was focused on his weather radar to take us into the vineyard as soon as a brighter window came along!

Yannick showed us the vines in full flowering season, and explained the work that has been done so far this year in the vineyard.  Everyone introduced themselves to their adopted vines, and then it was time to get down to some work!


Vine Flowering


The task to be completed was to ensure that each of the vine shoots were placed between the training wires, and that they were separated from one vine to the next.  Then we had to raise the wires as high as possible, and attach them together with a biodegradable clip, used at the estate since their conversion to organic farming.


Clipping the Vine Wires Together


After a few words on the history of the region, the winery and their organic wine making philosophy by Jean François Chapelle, it was time to taste the estate's wines over a meal.  We savoured their Meursault 2008 white wine, the Santenay "Clos de Cornières" 2004 and 2003 vintages, the Santenay Premier Cru "Beaurepaire" 2002, and their Gevrey Chambertin from 2007.


Wine Tasting Session of Domaine Chapelle's Burgundy Wines


During the afternoon, Mr Chapelle, pipette in hand, took us into the winery and cellars to introduce us to the wine making side of things, finishing with a tasting, direct from the casks, of the 2009 Clos de Cornières, which is still maturing.


Wine Tasting Straight from the Barrel


A huge thank you to all who came and to Domaine Chapelle for a very memorable day!


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