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Oldest Champagne in the World Surfaces

70 botttles of what is thought to be the oldest champagne in the world, dating from the early 1800s, have been raised today from the bed of the Baltic Sea.  Each bottle is estimated to have a starting price at auction of more than 50,000 euros.

Oldest Champagne in the World

In July, 30 other bottles were found in the same spot by a team of Swedish divers, some 50 metres below the sea off the ─land Isles, between Finland and Sweden. The bottles have remained hidden for over two centuries on a ship wreck that is rumoured to have been carrying the 100 bottles as a present from Louis XVI of France to the Imperial Russian Court. If that is confirmed to be true, then the combined value of the bottles could reach several million euros.

Amazingly, the champagne is exceptionally well preserved by the dark conditions, and cool, stable temperatures.  Maybe we should start filling our cellars with water ?

For more information and a video, visit the BBC website.


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