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Pruning the Steingrubler Grand Cru Riesling vines in Alsace

Last Saturday we welcomed the adoptive parents of the new 2014 vintage to Domaine Stentz-Buecher in Wettolsheim for a Discovery Experience Day. The aim of the day was to learn about the work in the vineyard, starting during the winter and ending up at harvest time, when the grapes will have reached maturity.


Vines adoption in France Alsace


After the introduction of Céline, winemaker at the estate with her brother Stéphane, we headed off to the vineyard to meet our adopted vines. Having taken a few pictures, we then walked through the different vineyards until we arrived at the Steingrubler Grand Cru plot. Here, Céline and Stéphane had left us a few rows to prune!

Guyot pruning in the vineyard Alsace

Armed with a pair of secateurs, and under the instructions of Jean-Jacques, the father of Céline and Stéphane, we learnt how to prune the vines using the Guyot method.


Pruning Riesling vine Grand Cru Steingrubler in Alsace

It's not as easy as it would seem at first to work out which are the canes to leave or cut, but getting stuck and having a go is the best way to learn! Pruning is really important to help control the yield of fruit per vine.


Wine tasting at the winery Alsace France

At the end of the morning spent in the vineyard, we returned to the winery to taste some of the wines and to enjoy an Alsacien stew with the Stentz family.

Typical winemakers meal Alsace France

In the afternoon we visited the fermentation halls and the cellar for an introduction to the winemaking side of the things from the harvest, through the fermentation and the ageing of the wine. These topics will be covered in more detail during the Harvest and Vinification Experience Days.

Winery tour Alsace France

Many thanks to all of the participants for your inquisitiveness, and to the winemakers for your passionate and fascinating explanations!


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