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De-budding the vines in Bordeaux

We spent last weekend in the Bordeaux vineyard for a couple of Discovery Experience Days at Château Beau Rivage.  With Christine Nadalié at our side, we headed out into the vineyard to learn more about the profession and work of a winemaker.


Wine Experience Gift. Adopt a vine in Bordeaux, France, and follow the making of your own wine.


The winery grows five different grape varietals in the vineyard, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Malbec and Petit Verdot.  Christine showed us the difference between the vines and talked to us about grafting.


Rent-a-vine gift. Learn how to make wine with the winemaker


Before getting down to work, we took a few minutes to visit our adopted vines, and to encourage them to produce a good harvest!  It was also a good occasion to pose for a few pictures!


Original gift idea for a wine lover. Adopt your own plot of vines and get involved in making your own wine.


Christine told us about all of the work that has been done in the vineyard during the winter, notably pruning.  The buds have already burst and the first signs of the future grape bunches are forming on the vines.  It's now time to de-bud and remove any unwanted shoots that have sprouted from the trunk or roots of the vines.  This will help the vines to concentrate their energy on the future fruit-bearing branches.  Christine showed us how to do it, and then we rolled up our sleeves to get stuck in!

During the morning, Christine also answered a flow of questions on a range of topics including organic and biodynamic farming, harvesting and the appellation system to name a few.


Wine tasting gift in Bordeaux at the winery.


By lunchtime, we had earned our aperitif, and we started with a nice cold rosé before tasting a range of the winery's red wines during lunch.


Winery Tour gift in Bordeaux, France.


In the afternoon, we visited the fermentation hall and barrel room to get an introduction into the winemaking and ageing side of things.  Christine told us about the stages of fermentation and explained the influence that the barrels have on the taste and structure of the wine.

Many thanks to Christine and to Guillaume for sharing their passion for their profession, and to all our participants for their enthusiasm and good cheer.


  • A very successful day: the welcome, winemaker's lunch and the detailed and interesting explanations of Christine on the vines and the wine.

    I learnt many things that I didn't know before, and am looking forward to the next experience day during the harvest.

    Thanks to Christine and Guillaume for this great day despite some wet weather. And many thanks to the photographer for the great pictures.

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