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Domaine la Cabotte. Top Pick from Decanter.

In their July 2014 issue, Decanter rated the best Côtes du Rhône Villages wines from the 2011 and 2012 vintages. Gourmet Odyssey's partner from the Rhône Valley, Domaine la Cabotte was rated among the very best producers with two of the three taster's including Domaine la Cabotte's "Gabriel" Massif d'Uchaux 2012 wine in their top three wines of the 100 wines tasted.


Decanter July 2014


The 2012 vintage of Gabriel was one of just three wines to be "highly recommended", and the wine chosen for the Gourmet Odyssey Wine Experience, Garance, was also included in the "recommended" category for the 2012 vintage.

Decanter noted that when choosing Côtes du Rhône Villages wines, it pays to know which appellations to look out for, and they concentrated their article on the most notable villages and the ones that are on the rise. The Massif d'Uchaux is one of the newer Côtes du Rhône Villages appellations, and according to Decanter is deserving to be much better known for the quality of their wines. We certainly agree, and with Domaine la Cabotte leading the way, it's surely just a matter of time.

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