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Château de Jonquières, Jonquières

Château de Jonquières, Jonquières

Wine Experience Gift in Languedoc, south France.  Adopt-a-vine gift in the Terrasses du Larzac Château de Jonquières Bettane Desseauve Wine Guide Château de Jonquières, Terrasses du Larzac, Languedoc, Occitnaie, La Revue du vin de france  Château de Jonquières, top pick 2020 Best wines of France guide Guide Hachette des Vins de France 2023

The Winery

One of the oldest family run wineries in Languedoc, the magnificent Château de Jonquières has been in the same family for over 900 years!

Located 40 km to the west of Montpellier in the south of France, the imposing Château de Jonquières is a classified historical building and marks your arrival in the village of the same name.  From the château you have magnificent views of the surrounding vineyards which rise up to the Terrasses du Larzac plateau and Mont Baudille.

Organically certified in 2013, the winery has 10 hectares of vines planted with Carignan, Cinsault, Syrah, Mourvèdre and Grenache Noir for the red and rosé wines, and Chenin and Grenache Blanc for the white wines.

Château de Jonquières has long received awards for their wines, winning a silver medal at the Universal Exposition in Paris in 1989 for which the Eiffel Tower was built!  Today, the winery is reputed as one of the best wineries of the Terrasses du Larzac appellation, receiving a star in the 2022 Revue du vin de France Meilleurs Vins de France (Best French Wines) wine guide, and being selected for the 2023 Guide Hachette, and the 2022 Betanne+Desseauve wine guides among others.  Their wines have also been praised by the international press, winning a bronze medal in the Decanter 2020 World Wine Awards, and the renowned British wine critic, Jancis Robinson, described the wine chosen for the Gourmet Odyssey Wine Experience as “Baked cherries and pomegranate on the nose with just a suggestion of something bruléed. Round and ruddy red and fabulously direct. The fruit has a startling purity, with just a bit of spice and grip. I find myself thinking, for the second time about a Jonquières wine, that this is the elegant side of Languedoc.”

Adopt a vine at the Château de Jonquières winery and get involved in making your own wine with the Gourmet Odyssey Wine Experience


Languedoc Roussillon is a stunning region where the vines and Mediterranean Sea meet.  Stretching from the edge of Nîmes to the Spanish border, its vineyards make up the largest wine growing region in France.
The past few years have seen a real transformation of Languedoc Roussillon with the arrival of a new generation of winemakers, united in their aim of improving the quality of their wine whilst being more respectful to the land that provides their livelihood.  Today, Languedoc Roussillon has the largest surface area of organic vines in France.  
At the moment, a reclassification of the Languedoc wines is in process, the best areas being designated as “Grand Cru”. 

Vineyard Visit. Meet the winemakers, Charlotte and Clément de Béarn, Château de Jonquières, Jonquières, Languedoc-Roussillon, south of France. 

The Winemakers Welcome You...

Charlotte and Clément de Béarn, the 32nd generation of winemakers at the family winery, took over the wine-making side of Château de Jonquières in 2014 from Charlotte’s parents, François and Isabelle.

They make a charming young couple who are dynamic and passionate.  Without abandoning their deep heritage, they are in the process of rejuvenating the winery, and making it a little more modern.  They represent a symmetry between the 12th and 21st centuries, as they keep the memory alive of their ancestors who first worked the vineyards in the 12th century, whilst leading a contemporary lifestyle of a couple in their thirties living in the 21st century.

They are continuing the work started by François and Isabelle in producing quality organic wines, and are always striving to get the best out of their terroir that guides them.  Among their active projects, a vineyard planted with new massally selected vines using cuttings from the best vines at the winery to keep the old genetics alive as opposed to using cloned vines, and the development of a very different wine that stands outside of the appellation system and was launched as a small scale trial a couple of years ago.

With such friendly and instructive winemakers, a wonderful setting, and delicious wines, you’re sure to live an unforgettable experience!

Personalised Wine Gift. Lansade AOC Terrasses du Larzac 


The wine chosen for the Gourmet Odyssey Wine Experience is the Lansade.  This elegant red wine is from the Terrasses du Larzac appellation, one of the 5 best cru wine-growing regions in the Languedoc.

The great Terrasses du Larzac wine growing region is marked by the freshness that descends from the Larzac plateau, with the symbolic backdrop of the Mont Baudille, rising to more than 850 metres.  The distinct topography causes large variances in temperature between day and night in summer, which means that the grapes mature slowly, something that enhances the aromatic complexity and freshness of the wines.

The Lansade wine is a blend of 80 year old Carignan vines, Syrah, Grenache Noir, and Cinsault.  The plot of Carignan vines, where the adopted vines are located, was planted by Charlotte’s great-grandmother!

The wine is elegant and fruity with good length.  On the palate the wine is gourmand and crisp, developing pepper and spice aromas.

The harvest is completely manual, and the grape varietals are vinified separately, using their natural yeast cells, until they are ready for blending.  The wine is aged in vats for 16 to 20 months.  Depending on the year, the wine can keep for between 5 and 10 years.

> Wine - Lansade red, AOC Terrasses du Larzac
> Grape Varietals – Carignan (50%), Syrah (20%), Grenache Noir (20%), Cinsault (10%)
> Vineyard size – 10ha
> Soil – Clay limestone gravel
> Style – Fruity and elegant, with a touch of spice
> Keeps – 5-10 years
> Ideal with – Roast lamb and black olives, duck breast and apricots, fish pie...

Availability of the wine
The wine is generally bottled 16 to 20 months after the harvest.

Getting There

By Plane

Montpellier – Méditerranée airport is the closet, around 45 minutes away by car (50 km). There are flights to Europe’s main cities by arilines such as Air France KLM, EasyJet, Luxair, and Vueling. 

By Car
The distances and times below are estimated using GoogleMaps from the city centre to Château de Jonquières, Grand Rue, 34725 Jonquières.







210 130 2h 10
Toulouse 230 143 2h 10
3h 10
Lyon 344
214 3h 10
Bordeaux 472 293
4h 20
Geneva 490
4h 30
Paris  715  444 6h 20
Milan  685 426 6h 50
Rennes  879
546 7h 50
Calais  998 620 8h 50
Brussels 1 018 632
9h 00
To find out distances and times from other destinations, please click on this link


Price NameAddressDistance to Winery
115€ Château de Jonquières

Grand Rue, 34725 Jonquières

+33 (0)4 67 96 62 58


0km / 0m
50-80€ Maison Liouty

2 Rue de l'Église, 34800 Ceyras

+33 (0)4 67 96 24 76

4km / 3m
60-70€ La Grange

3 avenue du Rosaire, 34150 Montpeyroux

+33 (0)6 62 12 22 93


3.5km / 2m
75-110€ Hôtel le Guilhaume d'Orange

2 avenue du Guilhaume d'Orange, 34150 Saint Guilhem Le Désert

+33 (0)4 67 57 24 53


11km / 7m
110-140€ Domaine de Salente

34150 Gignac

+33 (0)6 33 55 39 62


13.5km / 8.5m
110-140€ Hôtel La Source

Rue de la Calade, 34800 Villeneuvette

+33 (0)4 67 96 05 07

11m / 7m

Near By Attractions

  • Villages rich in culture and history – Lodève, with its museum, cathedral and royal soap factory, and the medieval village of Saint Guilhem le Désert, which is classified as one of France’s most beautiful villages, are both just a few kilometres away.  And for pottery lovers, don’t miss the village of Saint Jean de Fos

  • Le Cirque de Navacelles – an ecological and geological wonder. Its 300 metre deep canyon was formed by the meandering Vis River

  • La Grotte de Clamouse – Internationally renowned for the richness of its concretions, especially the very rare aragonite and eccentric crystals, the Clamouse cave offers a magical subterranean journey through the diverse galleries 


Lodévois et Larzac Tourist Office: https://www.tourisme-lodevois-larzac.fr/en/
Hérault Departmental Tourist Office : https://www.herault-tourisme.com/
Occitanie Tourist Office : http://www.ot-pezenas-valdherault.com/ 

Nouveau partenaire : le Château de Jonquières

Château de Jonquières joins the Gourmet Odyssey organic Wine Experience 

Welcome to Charlotte and Clément de Béarn, wine-makers at Château de Jonquières in the magic surroundings of the Terasses du Larzac! They welcome you to their family-run winery for an original organic wine experience. The winery is one of the oldest wineries in Languedoc and France, having been in the same family for over 900 years!

Charlotte and Clément, the 32nd generation of wine-makers, took over the running of the winery in 2014 from Charlotte’s parents. They are passionate and can’t wait to share their love of wine-making with you!

To get to know them a little better, read their wine-maker profile.

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