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Terms and Conditions

Gourmet Odyssey invites you to carefully read the following terms and conditions

Gourmet Odyssey


These terms and conditions are applicable between GOURMET ODYSSEY and you when you place an order through www.gourmetodyssey.com. By placing an order you therefore agree to these terms and conditions. It is advised to read and keep a copy of this document (for example by printing it). GOURMET ODYSSEY also keeps a copy on file and will guarantee access to it for a 10 year period after the date of your order.



Should you need to contact our customer service department, you can do so:


Service Client
72 rue Dulong
75017 PARIS

Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 17:30 (French time)
+33 (0)1 46 27 05 92 (French number)



US :

GOURMET ODYSSEY is a French limited company, with its registered office located at 72 rue Dulong, 75017 PARIS, FRANCE, registered in PARIS (France), company n° 517 647 657, VAT n° FR46 517 647 657, hereinafter referred to as “GOURMET ODYSSEY”, “us”, “we” or “our”



The RECIPIENT is the person(s) who will benefit from the products and services ordered on our website.  This can be you who makes the order, or the person(s) that you designate as such during the prder process. 



YOU are 18 years old or more, legally entitled to enter into a contract, having placed an order online at www.gourmetodyssey.com for the products and services provided by GOURMET ODYSSEY, hereinafter referred to as “you” or “your” 



Under article L3342-1 of the French Public Health Code, it is forbidden to sell products containing alcohol to people under the age of 18. When you place an order with us, you acknowledge that you are 18 or older and you agree to provide GOURMET ODYSSEY with official evidence of your age, should you be required to do so, and in the case where you are not the RECIPIENT and the product is alcoholic, you guarantee that the RECIPIENT is 18 or older on the day that the product becomes available. GOURMET ODYSSEY is committed to uphold both their legal and social obligations and will check your age in the event of any doubt. In the event that it appears that you or the RECIPIENT are under 18 when you place the order, GOURMET ODYSSEY will be legally allowed and obliged to cancel your order.



When you place an order on our website www.gourmetodyssey.com you will have the opportunity to :
  • Check the details of your order (the product you have chosen, the quantity, the Experience Days, the payment, delivery, gift-wrapping options, the price etc); and
  • Correct any mistakes you may have made ;

Once you have checked your order and corrected any mistakes, you will be directed to a page summarizing your order, and you will be asked to confirm your order. By pressing the « confirm » button, the contract between you and us is completed and final.

We will send you a confirmation email so that you can be sure that your order is registered by us. It is also possible to conclude the contract by email in some particular cases. In such event the present terms and conditions will apply in addition to any particular terms agreed by you and us in writing.

GOURMET ODYSSEY may cancel an order without liability in case of an obvious mistake on the price indicated on the website (price clearly too low), as well as in case of force majeure (see FORCE MAJEURE).



The products and services sold, as well as their quantities and the different options are those described on the GOURMET ODYSSEY website on the day that you access the website. The photos published on the website are not contractual but they try to give a true image of the products and services offered.

When your order includes at least one GOURMET ODYSSEY « Experience Day », except if stated otherwise:

  • The Experience Day is for the number of people indicated ;
  • The Experience Day includes a meal for the same amount of people.

When your order includes one or more adopted items, these remain the property of the producer. When your order includes personalised labels, the RECIPIENT must communicate such specifications to GOURMET ODYSSEY within the timeframe indicated via the private customer portal.  Should the RECIPIENT not provide the specifications in the required time, GOURMET ODYSSEY will not be able to personalise the labels.

Some products and services are only accessible to the RECIPIENT via the private customer portal.  The private customer portal must be activated using the unique activation code that is included in the welcome pack and/or that is provided to YOU, the buyer, electronically at the time of purchase.  It is the responsibility of the RECIPIENT or buyer to activate the private RECIPIENT customer portal within 12 months of the date of purchase, and to select the different options for the proper functioning of the order.  Should the private RECIPIENT customer portal not be activated within 12 months, GOURMET ODYSSEY will not be able and will not be bound to provide the product or service.

When your order includes a newsletter, such newsletter will be sent via the private customer portal and/or via email to the RECIPIENT.



The GOURMET ODYSSEY offer is valid in the territory of the European Union and Switzerland. Please contact us for any orders outside of these territories as some particular regulations may apply (especially for products containing alcohol).

The GOURMET ODYSSEY offer is valid insofar as the products and services offered are in stock. In the event of a sellout, a special announcement will be made on the website. If despite all our efforts to publish such announcements as quickly as possible, you place an order for a sold out product or service, GOURMET ODYSSEY will provide you with a substituted product or service of equivalent quality and value.



The prices are those indicated on the GOURMET ODYSSEY website at the time of order.  They are in euros and include taxes, except where otherwise indicated.

The prices include :

  • The order preparation costs ;
  • A welcome pack, if this forms part of the offer ;
  • If Experience Day(s) have been ordered, the attendance at such Experience Day(s) are for the number of people indicated, as well as a meal for the same, if this forms part of the offer ;
  • The ordered products in the ordered quantity.

The prices do not include, except where indicated otherwise:

  • Travel and accommodation expenses; 
  • Delivery costs at the time of availability of the product, which, if the delivery option is requested are payable by you or the RECIPIENT at the time of availability of the product. The delivery costs depend on the delivery options and on the country of destination (see DELIVERY) ;
  • Special customs taxes for some products outside the French territory, where applicable (see DELIVERY).

GOURMET ODYSSEY may change the prices at any time. The new prices will not apply to orders registered before such a change.



When ordering you will have the option to choose your preferred method of payment :

  • Online, using your credit card, through the secured online payment system of PAYBOX. When ordering, you will be directed to a secure web page connected to the PAYBOX server which uses the TLS (Transport Layer Security) system to encrypt your bank details and assure you that they will not be viewed by anyone else. Once payment is confirmed, you will be automatically redirected to the GOURMET ODYSSEY website. For more information on PAYBOX, click here ;
  • By telephone, using your credit card. A GOURMET ODYSSEY representative will contact you to process the payment. Please keep your order number close to hand as you will need it to process your order.
  • By cheque payable in euros, Please write your cheque to GOURMET ODYSSEY, write your order number on the back of the cheque and send it to GOURMET ODYSSEY, 72 rue Dulong 75017 PARIS, France.

Please note that no delivery can be made (welcome pack, products ordered), nor attendance at an Experience Day, until GOURMET ODYSSEY is in receipt of your full confirmed payment.



Delivery of the welcome Packs

GOURMET ODYSSEY uses the Colissimo and Chronopost services of the French postal service to deliver the welcome packs. Delivery costs and delivery times depend on the delivery country that you select. For more details click here.

If you cannot see the delivery country of the RECIPIENT in the list when ordering, please contact us for more information.

Availability of your personalised products

The availability date of your personalised products depends on the type of products ordered. Some are ready to be taken away at the end of an Experience Day. Others will not be available for a certain period of time, for example if fermentation and ageing is part of their production process, and so the availability dates can vary from year to year. In such cases, an indicative availability date will be given to you when ordering, and the final availability date will be confirmed via the RECIPIENT'S private customer portal.

Once the availability date is confirmed, the RECIPIENT will have the option to collect their products directly from the producer, or to have them delivered at their cost via their private customer portal. If no choice is indicated in the private customer portal, the products will be kept at the producer for collection by the RECIPIENT.  If the products are not collected within 6 months from the availability date, the products will be considered as abandoned and cannot be reclaimed.  Please note that the delivery of some products outside of the French territory can be subject to additional taxes or regulations. For example, for wine, excise taxes may apply.

In such a case, if the RECIPIENT collects the wine at the winery and bring it back to their home country within the European Union, no additional taxes apply. But if the wine is sent outside of the French territory, then additional excise taxes may apply. GOURMET ODYSSEY will contact the RECIPIENT when the wine is ready and will inform of any additional taxes and delivery costs, if applicable, depending on the destination country.

Delivery Issues :

  • If you are absent and/or if it is not possible to deliver to the indicated address, a notice will be left in the mailbox indicating how to collect the package.
  • If the package is delivered opened or damaged, please write as such on the delivery receipt and let GOURMET ODYSSEY know as soon as possible, so that we can contact the transporter.
  • If the package is delivered unopened but incomplete, please let GOURMET ODYSSEY know and we will do our best to rectify the situation.
  • If the package is not delivered, please contact GOURMET ODYSSEY, indicating your order number so that we can try and locate it.
  • If delivery is not possible, incurring extra cost, GOURMET ODYSSEY reserves the right to charge any extra costs incurred.

Experience Days

When at least one Experience Day is ordered, approximate date(s) for the Experience Day(s) are posted in the RECIPIENT'S private customer portal. The final confirmation of the date(s) will be posted in the RECIPIENT'S private customer portal at least 6 weeks before the actual date(s). It is advised not to book any trip until final confirmation of the date(s). This is because the activities that will be done during the Experience Day(s) depend on nature and weather conditions, and as such cannot be confirmed earlier.

Once the dates have been confimed, it is the RECIPIENT'S responsibility to register for one of the proposed Experience Days.  As the number of places is limited per day, registration is accpeted on a first come first served basis.  If no registration is made, the RECIPIENT can exchange it for another Experience Day once or exchange the day for alternative products proposed by Gourmet Odyssey.

If the RECIPIENT is unable to attend an Experience Day for which they are registered, the RECIPIENT can cancel it and postpone it once, provided that the RECIPIENT informs GOURMET ODYSSEY at least one week in advance of the registered date.  If the cancellation is made less than one week before the registered date, the Experience Day is considered as used.



As provided for under article L 121-21 of the French Consumer Code, and unless agreed otherwise, you can cancel your order, without any reason, within 14 days of placing it. You will however have to pay for the return of the products which must be returned in full and in good condition to GOURMET ODYSSEY, 72 rue Dulong, 75017 PARIS, France.

If the 14 days period expires on a Saturday, a Sunday or a public holiday, it will extend until the first following working day.

If you would like to cancel, please let us know by email, in which case we will confirm reception of your mail, or by recorded mail at the address indicated at the top of this page.  You can also use the form at the bottom of this page.

If more than one Experience Days are included in the order, and the first takes place before the 14 day cancellation period mentioned above, if the RECIPIENT would like to participate, you must inform us by email or letter before the Experience Day.  In such case, if you subsequently use your right to cancel, you will be liable for the price pertaining to the cost of the Experience Day.

The 14 day cancellation period is not applicable:

  • If you have already attended all of the Experience Days before the expiry of the above 14 day period;
  • If you did not order any Experience Day and your personalised products have been produced and made available.
  • If the delivery of your products has been ordered, and the delivery is already in process or the products have been delivered.

Should you use your right to cancellation in accordance with this provision, GOURMET ODYSEY will reimburse the amount paid for the Experience when the order was placed, within 14 days of receiving the cancellation request or the returned products, whichever is later.



GOURMET ODYSSEY is bound by the French legal warranties. For details on such warranties please see article L211-4 to article L211-14 of the French Consumer Code, and article 1641 to article 1649 of the French Civil Code . Please contact us if you want to use one of these warranties.

Should one of the services or products not conform, GOURMET ODYSSEY will:

  • Replace the service or good at the cost of GOURMET ODYSSEY; or
  • Refund you the cost of the said service or product, if this solution is less costly than the replacement.

In case of any claim, please send an email to Customer Service  via our contact form, stating:

  • Your order number, first name and surname;
  • The description of the service or product;
  • The reason for the return;
  • Your choice of replacement or refund.

We will keep you informed by email as to the status of your request.



According to French case law, GOURMET ODYSSEY will not be responsible if the non or bad performance of its obligations is caused by your own negligence, or an unforseen act of force majeure. Similarly GOURMET ODYSSEY cannot be held responsible for damages due to a technical problem using the web/website.



GOURMET ODYSSEY collects personal information from you and the RECIPIENT in order to process the orders, and uses cookies to avoid you having to enter the same information multiply times. Such information gathering is necessary to process your order and to give access to the private customer portal. GOURMET ODYSSEY will use your email address to send you an order confirmation.  The RECIPIENT'S contact details are used to let them know about the final dates of the Experience Days, to ask for personalisation details for the products where applicable, to inform the RECIPIENT of the product's availability where applicable, and, from time to time, to send commercial offers from GOURMET ODYSSEY. The newsletters are addressed exclusively by email to the RECIPIENT and are published in the private customer portal, on condition that the RECIPIENT has activated their private cutomer portal and supplied their email address.  Contact information can be modified in the private customer portal at any time.

Your personal information is strictly confidential and will not be disclosed to any third party by GOURMET ODYSSEY, other than for the direct fulfillment of your order.

In accordance to the French Act n° 78-17 of 6th January 1978 on data protection, in its currently applicable version, you have a right to access, modify or delete any personal information we may hold about you. You can exercise such right by contacting us :

  • By email using our contact form ;
  • Or by mail at GOURMET ODYSSEY
    72 rue Dulong
    75017 PARIS



These terms and conditions are written in both English and French. In the event of a contradiction between the two versions, the French version will prevail. This contract is governed and construed in accordance with the law of France.



GOURMET ODYSSEY always strives to satisfy its customers. Therefore, should any problem arise relating to interpretation, validity, execution or breach of this contract, please contact us and we will try to find a mutually acceptable solution. Should you wish to make a claim, you irrevocably agree to submit it to the exclusive general jurisdiction of the courts of France.



(To send by recorded delivery or by the contact form)

For the attention of:


72 rue Dulong

75017 PARIS


I (or we) inform you hereby of my (or our) wish to cancel the order of the following service :

Date of order : __________________________________________________________

Order number : __________________________________________________________

Name of person(s) who placed the order : ____________________________________

Address : ______________________________________________________________

If you send this form by print :

Signature :  _____________________________________________________________

Date :  _________________________________________________________________

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