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Allegria, Pézenas

Allegria, Pézenas

Wine Experience Gift in Languedoc, south France.  Adopt-a-vine gift. Domaine Allegria Bettane Desseauve Wine Guide Allegria, Pézenas, Languedoc, La Revue du vin de france, 2010 vintage special, Top Pick  Allegria International Wine Challenge 2018 gold medal Guide Hachette des Vins de France 2019

The Winery

Perched on the first hills of the Haut Languedoc, the Allegria winery has stunning panoramic views overlooking the plains below that stretch to the Mediterranean and to the Montagne Noire to the west.  On a clear day, the snow capped peaks of the Pyrenees can also be seen in the distance.

This promising winery was created in 2008 with the purchase of 9 hectares of vines by Ghislain and Delphine d'Aboville, and Roberto de la Mota, one of the most respected Argentinian oenologists.

The winery regularly catches the wine critics’ attention.  The Tribu d’A red, the wine chosen for the Gourmet Odyssey Wine Experience was selected by the Revue Terre de Vins as their top pick for 2018 in a blind tasting of more than 180 Languedoc wines.  It also won a gold medal at the International Wine Challenge, the world’s largest wine competition with more than 15 000 wines tasted.

The Guide Hachette des Vins 2018 wine guide and its Vins Bios organic wine guide lauded praise on the Dolce Vita 2015 (2 stars) and the 2016 vintage (3 stars).  It’s a real darling of the guide. The 2014 vintage of the “Cousu Main” wine was rated 14.5 – 15.5 by the tasters from La Revue du Vin de France wine magazine, and the 2012 vintage was awarded a star by the Guide Hachette des Vins. And the winery’s red wine “Petits Bonheur” was selected by La Revue du Vin de France as among the best wines of the 2016 vintage.  

Allegria is one of the first Languedoc wineries created that is completely respectful of the environment. The 9 hectares of vines are iorganically certified, and the new wine making and storing buildings have been designed with the same philosophy; a grass roof, rainwater collecting tank, solar paneled electricity… The vineyards are planted with a nice mix of Mediterranean grape varietals; a majority of Syrah, lots of Mourvèdre, a few acres of Cinsault and a small plot of Carignan.

Adopt a vine at the Allegria winery and get involved in making your own wine with the Gourmet Odyssey Wine Experience


Languedoc Roussillon is a stunning region where the vines and Mediterranean Sea meet.  Stretching from the edge of Nîmes to the Spanish border, its vineyards make up the largest wine growing region in France.
The past few years have seen a real transformation of Languedoc Roussillon with the arrival of a new generation of winemakers, united in their aim of improving the quality of their wine whilst being more respectful to the land that provides their livelihood.  Today, Languedoc Roussillon has the largest surface area of organic vines in France.  
At the moment, a reclassification of the Languedoc wines is in process, the best areas being designated as “Grand Cru”. 

Vineyard Visit. Meet the winemakers, Ghislain and Delphine d'Aboville at domaine Allegria, Pézenas, Languedoc-Roussillon, south of France. 

The Winemakers Welcome You...

Ghislain and Delphine d’Aboville form part of the group of young, talented winemakers from the region that are improving the quality and perception of Languedoc wine.

After 8 years spent at Moët Hennessy as Marketing Director, Ghislain decided to follow his passion for wine and went back to study in Winemaking and Oenology.  He continued his training in some of the great wine estates of Languedoc, Argentina and Tuscany, allowing him to mix the local traditions with knowledge gained from abroad.

Ghislain and Delphine scoured the Mediterranean coast for 2 years, searching for the perfect terroir and vineyard that would enable them to give the best expression to their wines, before settling with their 4 children on the terroir of Pézenas.

The Allegria winery is also the story of a Franco Argentine friendship, Roberto de la Mota also embarking in the adventure with Ghismain and Delphine.  Roberto is one of the great Argentine oenologues and helps Ghislain and Delphine in their decisions.  During his illustrious career, Roberto has created some of Argentina’s most acclaimed wines such as Cheval des Andes, the fruit of a partnership between the famous Bordeaux wine estate, Cheval Blanc, and the Bodega Terrazas de los Andes.

A passionate and engaging couple, Ghislain and Delphine are the perfect hosts to discover their region and to share their know-how in making their wines.

Personalised Wine Gift. Tribu d'A AOC Coteaux de Languedoc Pézenas 

Tribu d'A

The wine chosen for the Gourmet Odyssey Wine Experience at Allegria is their Tribu d’A, made from 80% syrah and 20% mourvèdre.

The vineyard is currently in the final stages of turning organic, and the 2011 vintage should be the first to be certified as being made with organically grown grapes.

Tribu d’A distinguishes itself with its black fruit aroma and peppery notes.  In the mouth, the syrah dominates with its violet taste and good minerality.  The tannins present are soft and give a magnificent long finish.

Two-thirds of the wine is aged in the vats, the remaining third in oak barrels.  By blending the wine from the vats and barrels, the blended wine gains in complexity.  The wine aged in the vats has more fruit, and is fresher.  The wine from the barrels has more depth and structure, marked with spicy and peppery aromas.  The blending brings together these distinct aromatic profiles to create a well-balanced wine with a potential of laying down.

> Wine - Red, Coteaux du Languedoc Pézenas
> Grape Varieties – Syrah (80%) and Mourvèdre (20%)
> Vineyard size – 9ha
> Soil – Volcanic gravel terraces
> Style – complex with a long finish.  Black fruits and spicy notes
> Keeps – 5-10 years
> Ideal with – Barbecued meats, duck, red mullett...

Availability of the wine
The wine is bottled 18-24 months after the harvest.

Getting There

By Plane

The closest airport is Montpellier, which is about a one hour drive away.  Flights are available from the UK, Belgium and Spain. 
At the end of May 2011, Flybe are due to start operating flights to Béziers from the UK and Ireland from the end of May.  Ryanair also have a limited service from Germany and the UK to Béziers. Béziers airport is about 45 minutes from Allegria.
Other airport options are Carcasonne and Nîmes, both about 1 hour 20 minutes drive away, and Marseille and Toulouse (2 hours 20). 

By Car
The distances and times below are estimated using GoogleMaps from the city centre to Domaine Allegria, lieu-dit Fontarêche, Caux 34720.






Toulouse 214 133 2h 15
Marseille 236 146 2h 29
Barcelona  314  195  3h 09
Lyon 369  229 3h 38
Bordeaux 454 282  4h 17
Geneva 515  320  4h 53
Paris  735  457 6h 46
Milan  707 439 6h 56
Rennes  905  562 8h 20
Calais  1 022 635 9h 20
Brussels 1 038 645  9h 44
To find out distances and times from other destinations, please click on this link


Prix NomCoordonnéesProximité du vignoble
45-60 La Maison

9, avenue de la Gare, 34120 Tourbes

+33 (0)4 67 98 86 95 

13km / 9m
85-125 Maison Dix

10 Avenue de la Gare, 34320 Neffies

+33 (0)4 67 89 55 83

3.5km / 2m
95 -140 Hotel de Vigniamont

5 rue Massillon, 34120 Pézenas
+33 (0)4 67 35 14 88

12km / 8m
63-149 Hostellerie de Saint-Alban

31 route d'Agde, Nézignan l'Evêque, 34120 Pézenas

+33 (0)4 67 98 11 38

10km / 7m
105-220 La Distillerie

6 rue Calquières Hautes, 34120 Pézenas

+33 (0)4 67 11 87 15

13km / 9m
95-130 Le 5 Gallery

5, rue Canabasserie, 34120 Pézenas

+33 (0)6 07 23 05 37 

10km / 7m

Near By Attractions

  • Pézenas – Historic town famous for art, considered to be the Saint Emillion of the Languedoc region. Step back in time at the Scénovision museum dedicated to the life and works of Molière who started his career in Pézenas

  • Marseillan – Visit the picturesque fishing port and beach and laze away your day.  Enjoy the oysters and fresh seafood

  • Salagou Lake – Walk in the stunning landscape around the lake and Cirque de Mourèze. 


Languedoc Roussillon Regional Tourist Office:
Hérault Departmental Tourist Office :
Pézenas Local Tourist Office : 

Agrandir le plan
 International Wine Challenge 2018 gold medal

The Tribu d’A wine hailed by the wine critics

Terres de Vins wine magazine

The January 2018 edition of the Terre de Vins wine magazine published an article on the wines from the Languedoc region.  From the 184 wines tasted, they selected 10 wineries for the piece and chose the

Tribu d’A 2016 as their top pick!
“An extremely charming wine all round.  An intense red fruity nose, ending with minty notes, this powerful wine is perfectly balanced on the palate between the smooth tannins, the fruity attack, and the peppery and spicy finish. To be enjoyed now if carafed, or to keep in the cellar.”

International Wine Challenge

It’s the world’s largest wine competition, with more than 15 000 wines tasted from all around the globe.

The 2016 Tribu d’A won a gold medal, with a rating of 95 / 100.  Here are the tasting notes:
“Tremendous example of a modern Languedoc red. Concentrated plum, dark fruit flavours with notes of black pepper and nice grippy tannins. Will improve +5 years.”



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