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About Gourmet Odyssey

Original Wine Making Experiences and gifts that let you discover the French terroir and meet the producers.

More than just a wine tour or a wine tasting session, you'll actually get involved in the making of your wine!

About Gourmet Odyssey

Our Company

Gourmet Odyssey is a boutique company that specialises in providing you with unique gourmet experiences and gifts that place you behind the scenes to learn the skill and passion it takes to make wine. Roll up your sleeves and get involved in the key winemaking stages, meet the winemakers, learn about their profession, and share the knowledge and passion that makes them so special.

Each Gourmet Odyssey partner is meticulously chosen for the excellence of their wine, their infectious enthusiasm and passion for winemaking, and the environmentally and ethically responsible production methods used. All of our partners are organically certified and some are also biodynamically certified. 

The first products in this range to be launched are the Gourmet Odyssey Wine Experience and the Gourmet Odyssey Micro-Cuvée Experience. The Gourmet Odyssey Wine Experience allows you to adopt some vines in an acclaimed French organic winery, follow and participate in the making of your personalised bottles of wine. Or you can create and blend your own barrel of wine with the Gourmet Odyssey Micro-Cuvée Experience.

Other gourmet experience offerings will follow shortly, so please check back soon!


The Team

Gourmet Odyssey was created by Mark Bootherstone. A lover of wine, food, and travel, he decided to combine these passions and make it his livelihood. His aim is to help food and wine lovers discover the origins and work that goes into making the rich and varied gourmet products that form such an important part of France’s culture and society. Meeting the producers and participating directly in the making of the product gives a unique perspective in appreciating the profession, learning about all of the hard work that goes into making a quality product, and understanding the issues at stake.

Our small but dedicated team is there to help you get the most out of your personalised Gourmet Odyssey experience, and to enable friendly and enlightening exchanges with our partner producers during the events that we organise for you.

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