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Wine-Making Experience with Gourmet Odyssey

Participate in making your own organic wine!

Gourmet Odyssey

Learn to make wine with the wine-maker by your side

From the vine to the bottle, an organic winemaker must master all of the techniques necessary to cultivate and produce the best possible grapes in the vineyard, and to then transform the harvest into quality wine through the work in the cellar. With Gourmet Odyssey, you’ll get behind the scenes and participate in the making of your own personalised bottles of wine.

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Wine gift boxes in France

Participative wine-making courses at the winery with the wine-makers

Go further than a typical wine tasting course in a city centre hotel or wine merchant. Get away for a weekend break to France, visit one of our partner vineyards, spend the day with the winemaker, and explore one of the beautiful French wine growing regions.

Why give a wine-making experience?

Personalised wine gifts

Give one of our wine gift packs and adopt some organic vines You’ll get involved in making your own wine by participating in pruning, de-budding, harvesting and vinifying your wine.

You’ll learn by rolling up your sleeves and getting stuck in, and you’ll meet some fascinating people at the winery in the process!

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Unique wine experience with Gourmet Odyssey

All of the chosen wines from the Gourmet Odyssey partner wineries are organically certified and some are also biodynamic.
The wines often win medals and accolades at the most prestigious international wine fairs and in the wine press. Our winemakers are passionate about their profession and their terroir, and will share their knowledge of organic wine-making with you during the course of the wine experience days at the winery.

Personalised bottles of wine

What’s involved in a wine-making experience day?

Each wine-making course offered by Gourmet Odyssey puts you in the hot seat to get involved during one of the key moments in making your wine, starting with the work in the vineyard, then the harvest and fermentation phases, and ending with the skill needed to age and blend the wine before it is ready to be bottled. You will also get the opportunity to put your wine tasting skills to the test. Once you have participated in a Gourmet Odyssey wine experience day, you’ll never drink wine in the same light again!

What’s involved in a wine-making experience day?

The wine-making experience courses last a whole day from 9:30 to 16:00, and are each valid for two people, making for a great excuse to get away for a weekend with someone special. A wine-maker’s meal and tasting of the winery’s wines are naturally included in the programme.

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Wine gift boxes in France

The Gourmet Odyssey Wine-Making Experience Gifts and Events

Our wine experiences

With the white or red Wine Experience, you’ll adopt some vines in the partner vineyard of your choice, follow and learn about the main steps in making your wine. You can include one or more Wine Experience Days to meet the winemaker at the vineyard, and participate in one of the key wine-making stages.

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Wine gift boxes in French vineyard

With the Micro-Cuvée Experience, you’ll go even further in your oenological apprenticeship by blending your own barrel of wine at the winery. Under the guidance of the winemaker, you’ll learn the art of blending wines, and will choose the grape varietals and the percentages used to create a blended wine to your taste. You will also work with a graphic designer to develop your own labels for your wine bottles.

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Whichever of the Gourmet Odyssey wine-making courses you choose, you’ll discover the passion and secrets of the winemakers, opening up a whole new appreciation of wine!

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