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The best wines of the year

The best wines of the year

News from 03/06/2015

The highly reputed Revue du Vin de France wine magazine, has just released its selection of the best 1500 wines of the year for the 2014 vintage.  Amongst the wines chosen appear 3 of the wines from our partner winemakers.


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Domaine Chapelle

Our partner in the Burgundy village of Santenay, Domaine Chapelle, received a rating of 14.5-15.5 for their Santenay red wine.  The magazine wrote, “Its intensity and maturity stand out in this blind tasting.  Ripe plums come through, and it is already accessible on the palate.”

Domaine Allegria

In the Languedoc, the “Cousu Main” red wine from the Allegria winery caught the attention of the tasting panel.  “Intense, smoky, and full of character.  It has a generous body and will further improve with age.”  Rating: 14.5-15.5.

Château de la Bonnelière

And last but not least, our Loire Valley partner, Château de la Bonnelière in Chinon, saw their new wine “L’Intégrale” receive a rating of 15.5-16.5 points.  This is a particularly special wine for Gourmet Odyssey, because it’s a wine made from grapes picked by our clients during the Harvest Experience Days, and that was then fermented and aged throughout the whole process in oak barrels.   “A new soft and sensual wine made from superbly delicate cabernet franc grapes.”


Congratulations to our partners for these latest accolades.

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